Teacher Alexandre Gomes

Director of Department of Popularization of ASDA
(Shaolin Association of Sport and Alternative Therapies)

Alexandre Gomes de Souza

Get in contacttre and make an appointment for the followingtherapies:

Olympic Wu-Shu Tradicional (Chinese Martial Arts)
Tai Chi Chuan - Shiatsu
Tui Na (Chinese massage)
Qi Gong or Chi-kun - Meditation

Places of Attendance:

Bai Lin - Tel: (21) 3738-6627 Cel: 9892-9717
  Sport Club Mackenzie - Rua Dias da Cruz, 561
Sítio -
Estrada União Indústria n° 26.260 - casa 01
Tel: (24) 2223-4932 Ramal 219 Condomínio

Attendance in Household or Business with Time Scheduled

Shiatsu with Time Scheduled:  9892-9717

E-Mail: alexandregomsou51@hotmail.com.br