The  5 Basic Elements of Nature

The Observation of the Animals movements is also related witch 5 Basic Elemente of the Nature:

The Earth

It would be the basa where the practitioner uses firmness and rigidity
It is also considered the Mother Nature and the Element Yin
The men gets the provisions for nutrition from the Mother Nature
According to the oriental science the symbol of the Earth is related to the stomach meridians and the spleen-pancreas meridians.


The Fire

It would have the capacity of disperse the energy through the explosion and fast reflex
This element has a Yang characteristic
Its related meridians are the heart meridian
 the pericardium meridian ( Circulation of the sexuality ) and 
the small intestine meridian,
This element is related to characteristics of strong emotions.


The Wood

Although Stable it has flexibility
It is also considered a recicling element
This element is related to the liver meridians and the gall bladder meridians

The Metal

This element would be capable to penetrate and to perforate
It is a transformation element
Its correlatives meridians are the lung meridian and the large intestine meridian


The Water

It is capable to change your physical state : liquid, solid or gaseous
This is a more dynamic and essential element to Life
This element has correlatives meridians with the kidneys meridian and the bladder meridian